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A complete infrastructure in a outstanding place for a great chairside time.


Highly qualified dental professionals and materials for your dental treatment.


In the last years, Orthodontics has changed a lot and now is possible to have faster, discrete and more comfortable treatments, For your patients, Swiss Odonto Prime offers more advanced techniques, with high-quality materials and attested results.

Each case needs a different approach. Dr. Glauber will analyze the treatment planning to recommend the most appropriate orthodontic device according to your necessities.

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Esthetic and metallic self-ligated systems

The ultimate technology in fixed orthodontics. No “rubbers” are needed such as in conventional therapies, just clear or metallic brackets that reduce friction and the force upon your teeth, generating faster and more efficient results.

Lingual esthetic self-ligated systems

For those who needs treatment, but dislikes a visible device. Having quick adaption, extremely small brackets are placed behind your teeth and do not interfere with the patient´s speech or mastication.

Aligning devices

Produced with the Clear Aligner German technology; a clear, thin material is used. Almost imperceptible, it does not interfere with esthetics, speech, or cause a sore mouth sensation. They are easy to remove, hygienic, and comfortable.


The treatment of 50% faster than conventional procedures (18 months), with less pain and discomfort, risk of tooth extraction, as well as with few appointments and adjustments.

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Implant Dentistry

In the scope of dental implants, Swiss Odonto Prime works with high-level techniques and quality pattern materials, substituting lost teeth with comfort, safety, and perfection.

Besides, the clinics can give periodical maintenance and follow-up of dental implant patients, which guarantees a beauty smile and your oral health.

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Orofacial Rehabilitation

The operating field of the modern dental surgeon has expanded and now orofacial harmonization is possible since the profession can integrate and balance face, lips, and smile esthetics, as well as mastication, speech and breathing in a wider concept, using several techniques with safety and efficacy.

• Botox application for the face and bruxism
• Bichectomy (cheek reduction)
• Facial lifting with threads
• Nose lifting
• Lip filling with hyaluronic acid
• Chin modelling
• Tired eyes reduction
• Jowls reduction
• Wrinkles and nasolabial fold reduction
• Rhinoplasty (nose modelling)

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General Dentistry

Been capable to provide oral health as a whole, the dental team also works with general dentistry, restorations, prophylaxis, fluoride application, diagnosis and planning for tooth and gum problems.

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Esthetic Dentistry

With modern techniques on restorative dentistry, the Swiss Odonto Prime team offer to the patients a beautiful and healthy smile makeover in format and color aspects

• Laser whitening procedures
• Porcelain veneers
• Contact lenses
• 3D porcelain laminates, cemented to each tooth for a white and well-aligned smile.

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